VOL 162 / Augt 17 – Augt 31, 2016

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Double Doors

With mixed feelings we have to acknowledge that Essy our beautiful long-term Waitress and Cashier is leaving Double Doors. After almost 4 years serving here she is getting married and ready for her next step in life. May the joy she brought to Double ... Read more >

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Frank’s Bar & SmokeHouse

The summer is not over at Frank’s because summer is all about the easy life and friends, well we offer that up every day here at Frank’s and I know lots of you cant wait for August 30th to come around to join our Coyote Girls for the best party in Ke ... Read more >

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De Burse

Sport fans in SCBD area With the EPL to started again and every weekend the AFL and NRL live on our big screen and TV here. Also the 21th of August the battle between Conner Mc Gregor and Nate Diaz we will broadcast live from 10 AM in the morning. ... Read more >

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The Underground lounge party was a huge success!! Up to the next party. Also it was the last evening of Fritz in cazbar me (Freek) will take over from him now. If you around come in and i will buy you a beer for sure. I want to thank you all for comi ... Read more >

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Eastern Promise

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De Hooi!

Anyone like me and enjoy math puzzles? Here’s one I had to solve recently: If, on the popular restaurant review site Zomato, de Hooi has 283 reviews and a composite score of 4.30, how many additional 5-star reviews must de Hooi receive to have a comp ... Read more >

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Culture Page

... Read more >

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18th - 19th July 2016, representatives of all bars of the Bugils Group completed their FIRST AID & CPR TRAINING! ... Read more >

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The Lions FC play football most Saturday afternoons, and some Wednesday evenings, in the Santa Fe Jakarta International Football League and are looking for new players. With a delightful mix of English, Irish, Scottish, No ... Read more >

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